1568, 12 July, Edinburgh, Parliament (continued)

Parliamentary Register

At Edinburgh, 12 July 1568

Procedure: opening of parliament

In the parliament continued from 29 December last to 11 July instant, with continuation of days, [...] now held at Edinburgh on 12 July of the above year, by the magnificent prince James [Stewart], earl of Moray, lord Abernethy, etc., regent of Scotland, and the commissioners written below, namely James [Douglas], earl of Morton, chancellor, Alexander [Cunningham], earl of Glencairn, John [Lyon], lord Glamis, Robert [Sempill], lord Sempill, the reverend father in Christ Adam [Bothwell], bishop of Orkney, the venerable father in Christ John [Maitland of Thirlestane], commendator of Coldingham, William Maitland of Lethington, junior, secretary, Master James MacGill of [Nether] Rankeilour, etc., Robert [Richardson], commendator of St Mary's Isle, treasurer.

By commission of the supreme lord the king, with consent of his regent, specially appointed thereto, as is more fully contained in the said commission under the great seal.


  1. The parliament of 1568 appears in two fragmentary sections of PA2/11. Thomson edited these sections to form a coherent text in APS, thereby obscuring the nature of the manuscript material. In 'The Scottish parliamentary records, 1560-1603', Historical Research, 72 (1999), p.258, J. Goodare stated that the material 'consisted of two separate but parallel chronological series', covering 'the main judicial business' and 'subsidiary judicial business'. The material is presented here more or less as it appears in PA2/11. Additional folios from November 1569 have been removed and placed in the correct chronological place. Back
  2. NAS, PA2/11, p.47. Back
  3. A large space has been left between this entry and the next. Back