Concerning false coin

Item, forasmuch for the abolishing of the great quantity of false coin, with which the commonwealth of this realm is greatly troubled, to the heavy damage and hurt of the whole lieges thereof, therefore it is devised, statute and ordained by our sovereign lord, with advice of [James Stewart, earl of Moray], my lord regent, and three estates of this present parliament, that certain men of judgement, having understanding of coin, be chosen and elected within every burgh of this realm; who, being sworn thereto, all sums of money shall be delivered in their presence, and wherever they apprehend or find any false money, to clip the same, and the deliverer to lose the said false money and the clipper to have 1d of each £1 for his labours off the receiver of the money which shall be received; and to that effect, ordains the provost and bailies and all other officers of burghs to make sufficient clip houses in such places of their burgh as shall be sufficient for the premises, and the persons whereto they commit that charge that they be able to answer for their office in that behalf.

  1. The Actis of King James the Sext, printed by R. Lekprevick (Edinburgh, 1568), ff.17v-18r. Bound with earlier parliamentary material at NLS, Black Acts, 1566-94, H.33.c.21, Scots Acts of Parliament, H.33.c.23 or Scots Acts, H.33.c.25. Back