Procedure: commission

Which being [...] propose and intend such things [...] agreeable to good reason for the [good of the ...] their judgement and declaration [thereupon according to their] knowledge and good con[sciences; as also to conceal and keep] secret the things prop[osed and declared ...]

It is thought expedient by this [present assembly that there be joined to them] in treating of the things concerning [the kirk, these persons underwritten, to] wit: Master John Spottiswood, M[aster John Craig, John Knox, Master] John Row and Master David L[indsay, or any three or four of them]; and also the barons present think them too small a number to [give judgement in this action a]nd, therefore, desire to be joined to th[...] such as [James Stewart, earl of Moray], my lord regent, and lords [of secret council shall think needf...]; and also for keeping of a certain order in performing of th[...] action, it is thought good by the baron[s and commissioners presently convened that] they convene in the provost's lodging [of Edinburgh at 11 o'clock before noon] and to remain there until [4 o'clock after noon, and this] done each day until the performing [thereof. And if it shall happen] them to fail herein, he shall be put in the [mends of 5s to be distribu[ted ...] poor at the sight of the remainder, a[nd this to be ... Simon] Preston of that Ilk to my lord regent [and secret ...] by him thereof the [...]

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