Ratification to Master Thomas Hope of Craighall of his infeftment of Arnydie

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament ratify and approve the charter and infeftment granted by the late George [Gledstanes], archbishop of St Andrews and chapter thereof, to John Wemyss of Monturpie, in liferent, and Master John Wemyss of Craigton, his son, then commissioner of St Andrews and now one of the senators of the college of justice, in fee, of all and whole the lands of Arnydie, with the pertinents, to be held of the said archbishop and his successors by service of ward and relief, containing a taxed ward and marriage, namely, paying for the ward £3 and for the marriage when the same should become vacant 100 merks, which infeftment is of the date 30 September 1613; together with another charter and infeftment of the said lands of Arnydie and of the lands called the kirk lands of Ceres, lands of Kinkell and Snadoun and office of bailiary of the provostry of Kirkheugh made by John [Spottiswood], now archbishop of St Andrews and chapter thereof, upon the resignation thereof made by the said John Wemyss and of the said Master John Wemyss, his son, to Master Thomas Hope of Craighall, advocate, in liferent, and John Hope, his son, in fee, and to the male heirs to be procreated of his body, which failing, to the said Master Thomas, his male heirs and assignees whatsoever, to be held of the said archbishop and his successors in manner specified in the said infeftment, which is of the date 19 July 1619, with the precepts of sasine contained therein and instruments of sasine following thereupon, together with the charter of confirmation granted by his majesty under the great seal confirming the charter and infeftment immediately above-specified, which charter of confirmation is of the date 22 March 1621, in the whole heads, articles, clauses and conditions thereof, after the form and tenor of the same in all points. And will and grant that this present ratification shall be as valid and effectual as if the said charters, infeftments and others aforesaid were expressly and word by word inserted in this present act.

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