Ratification in favour of Master Alexander Gibson, laird of Durie

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, for good and evident causes and of certain knowledge, ratify, approve and perpetually confirm the charter made by the late George [Gledstanes], archbishop of St Andrews, to the late Master George Lauder of Bass and his heirs, of all and whole the lands of Scoonie, Mountfleurie, Banbeath, Threipland, Leven, port and harbour of Leven, and of the town and burgh of barony of Leven, customs and duties belonging thereto, mills, mill lands, multures and fishings of the water of Leven, and of the other liberties, privileges and donations mentioned in the said charter and conveyed to the said Master George Lauder and his heirs heritably, to be held of the said late archbishop and his successors after the form and manner of holding and for payment of the particular tax duties and others specially expressed in the said charters, as the same of the date 4 July 1608 at length purports, with our sovereign lord's confirmation of the said charter of the date 16 October 1609; and also the charter and heritable disposition of the said lands and others aforesaid, and of the lands of Balgrummo and astricted multures of the lands of Inverleven, and of certain other liberties, privileges and concessions mentioned in the said charter made and granted to Master Alexander Gibson of Durie and his heirs by a reverend father in God, John [Spottiswood], now archbishop of St Andrews, to be also held of him and his successor archbishops of St Andrews for payment of the tax duties and other duties specified in the said charter, which is of the date 9 April 1619, according to the form and tenor thereof in all points; and our sovereign lord's charter and confirmation of the charters above-written containing therein also the new donations, ratifications and heritable disposition granted to the said Master Alexander Gibson and his heirs of the lands, teinds, liberties and other donations specified at length in his highness's charter and confirmation aforesaid, which is of the date 9 March 1620; and also ratify and approve the tack and rights of the vicarage teinds of the parish of Scoonie, now standing in the person of the said Master Alexander Gibson, with the decreet and sentence of prorogation of the said tack, at more length mentioned in his highness's charter of confirmation above-written and according to the tenor and contents of the same; and also the charter made to the said Master Alexander Gibson of the lands and barony of Durie and lands of Duniface, united and annexed thereto, with the whole rights and liberties therein contained according to the tenor and holding therein mentioned of the date 19 August 1618, in all the points, articles, clauses and heads of the aforesaid evidents and writs, and every one of them, and according to the tenor of the holdings and contents of the same in all things. And will and declare this present ratification to be of as good force and effect and as sufficient in all respects as if the whole tenors of the said charters, confirmations, tacks, decreet and other evidents and writs above-specified were at length word by word engrossed herein, and which are held as particularly repeated and expressed here. And our sovereign lord and estates find, decree and declare the aforesaid charters, confirmations, donations, dispositions, tacks and rights of teinds and other writs and evidents before rehearsed, with the infeftments, sasines and other securities following and depending thereupon, to be good, valid and sufficient rights and titles to the said Master Alexander Gibson, his heirs and successors for possessing and enjoying of the said lands, barony, mills, multures, fishings, teinds and all the liberties and privileges and immunities and other donations whatsoever contained in the aforesaid evidents and writs according to the tenor and contents of the same, and every one of them respectively in all points, without derogation now and in all time coming.

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