Procedure: protest; asking of instruments
Protestation made for [Archibald Campbell], lord Lorne

In the said parliament held at Edinburgh, day, month and year respectively aforesaid, compeared Master Thomas Nicolson, elder, advocate, procurator for Archibald, lord Lorne, and solemnly protested that the kirk of Rosneath should in no way be transported out of the Isle of Rosneath where the same presently stands to that part of the mainland of the said parish called the lands of Ardenconnel, but that the same should remain where it presently stands, notwithstanding of the supplication given in to that effect by the gentlemen and parishioners of the said parish kirk of Rosneath founded upon the alleged incommodious situation of the said parish kirk; whereupon the said Master Thomas, in name of the said Archibald, lord Lorne, asked instruments.

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