Commission regarding monies

Forasmuch as the present scarcity of money cannot conveniently in short time be redressed and all things tending to the bringing in of money and to the increase and abundance thereof within this kingdom can hardly be foreseen and ordered without good and mature advice and deliberation, therefore our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament have given and granted full power and commission to the persons following, namely, [John Spottiswood], archbishop of St Andrews, [James Law], archbishop of Glasgow, [David Lindsay], bishop of Brechin, [Patrick Lindsay], bishop of Ross, [William Douglas], earl of Morton, [Robert Ker], earl of Roxburghe, [Alexander Elphinstone], lord Elphinstone and [David Carnegie], lord Carnegie [of Kinnaird], [Sir Andrew] Murray of Balvaird, George Auchinleck of Balmanno, Master John Leslie of Newtoun and Sir Alexander Napier of Laurieston, David Aitkenhead, provost, and John Byres, dean of guild of Edinburgh, Andrew Gray, provost of Perth, and Master Alexander Wedderburn [of Kingennie], town clerk of Dundee, together with the four officers of state following, namely, [Alexander Seton, earl of Dunfermline], lord chancellor, [John Erskine, earl of Mar], lord treasurer, [Thomas Hamilton, earl of Melrose], lord secretary and [Sir George Hay of Kinfauns], lord clerk register, or any three of every one of the aforesaid ranks of persons, for trying and examining the most profitable and usual way for the well of this kingdom to bring in money and make the same increase and abound within this country. With power to them to convene and meet at such times as they shall think fittest and to call before them and inquire of any person best skilled in matters of money, as well tradesmen as coiners, and all others who can give greatest light and knowledge therein, and to do all other things most expedient for furtherance of that which is committed hereby to their charge. And whatsoever the said commissioners, or three of every one of the said ranks together, appoint, statute and ordain in the premises, our said sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament declare to be of as great force, strength and effect as if the same were now presently concluded, acted and ordained in this present parliament.

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