Parliamentary Register

1 June 1621

On the first day of parliament

Procedure: preamble

The parliament of the most illustrious and excellent prince and most merciful lord of ours, James, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, held and opened in Edinburgh on 1 June in the year of the Lord 1621 by the commissioners named below, specially deputed by virtue of the commission under testimony of the great seal dated in Edinburgh on 31 May in the foresaid year, namely the reverend fathers in Christ John [Spottiswood], archbishop of St Andrews, primate and metropolitan of the realm, Alexander [Douglas], bishop of Moray, Adam [Bellenden], bishop of Dunblane, the illustrious and powerful lords John [Erskine], earl of Mar, lord Erskine and Garioch, George [Seton], earl of Winton, lord Seton, John [Fleming], earl of Wigtown, lord Fleming, Robert [Kerr], earl of Lothian, Thomas [Hamilton], earl of Melrose, lord Binning, and John [Maitland], viscount of Lauderdale, lord Thirlestane, together with Alexander Lauder of Haltoun and David Crichton of Lugton for the minor barons within the sheriffdom principal of Edinburgh, the said Alexander Lauder of Haltoun, sheriff of Edinburgh, Alexander Clerk [of Stenton and Pittencrieff] and George Foulis [of Ravelston] for the burgh of Edinburgh, William Hay for the constable, Master William Hope for [George Keith], earl Marischal, and Andrew White, dempster. The suits having been called, the court lawfully fenced.

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