Regarding the erection of the kirk of Ballantrae

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, having consideration that of long time bygone and almost ever since the reformation of religion the parish kirk of Innertig in Carrick has been altogether ruinous and decayed, so that now there is scarce a monument to be seen where the same was founded; and that of late the Laird of Bargany upon a very religious and great zeal and affection, upon his large and sumptuous charges and expenses, has caused build and edify a kirk within the town of Ballantrae, now erected in a burgh of barony lying most adjacent and next to the said parish called Kirkcudbright-Innertig, to which the parishioners thereof and the tenants, indwellers upon the ten pound land of Ardstinchar, also pertaining heritably to the said Laird of Bargany, have resorted and repaired these diverse years bygone for hearing of the word and use of the sacraments; likewise there is a manse and glebe voluntarily designed to the minister serving the cure at the said kirk of Ballantrae out of the said Laird of Bargany's own proper lands and heritage, without any constraint, whereof the said minister is in actual and present possession, likewise he has been these sundry years bygone; therefore our sovereign lord and estates foresaid ratify and approve the dedication and erection of the said kirk of Ballantrae and of the manse and glebe thereof foresaid, and statute and ordain the same to be the only parish kirk of the said parish of Kirkcudbright-Innertig and of the ten pound land of Ardstinchar, to which the whole parishioners and inhabitants thereof shall repair in time coming for hearing of the word and use of the sacraments, without prejudice always to the abbot of Crossraguel and his successors and all others having interest of their rights and titles of the teinds of the said parish of Innertig of the said ten pound land of Ardstinchar; to which this present act shall make no derogation.

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