Act regarding the kirk of Crailing, declaring the same to be a parish kirk

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament presently convened, understanding that the commissioners appointed by the parliament held by his majesty and estates at Perth, 9 July 1606, for modification of the ministers' stipends of such kirks as belong to the erected prelacies, having appointed a special maintenance for the minister serving the cure of the kirks of Crailing, Nisbet and Spittal, which three kirks are all joined and united in a parish kirk, therefore his majesty and the said estates presently convened statute and ordain, decree and declare the kirk of Crailing to be the ordinary parish kirk of the said three united kirks, and that the preacher or minister serving thereat shall have the benefit of the statute of parliament for designation to him of a competent glebe and manse at the said kirk, and for possessing and enjoying of the stipend modified for the said three united kirks by the said commissioners to the minister serving the cure at the said kirk of Crailing.

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