Ratification in favour of Master Thomas Hope, advocate

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament ratify and approve the charter of alienation and vendition made by Andrew Edmonstone of that Ilk, Marie Gordon, his spouse, and John Edmonstone, his eldest son, to Master Thomas Hope, advocate, and John Hope, his son, heritably, of all and whole the lands and mains of Edmonstone, with the manor place thereof, and of the lands of Cauldcoats, houses, buildings and whole pertinents of the same, to be held of his highness's dearest spouse Anne, by the grace of God, queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland, as Lady Dunfermline, in feu ferm and heritage, for payment of the feu duties therein contained as principal, and of the third part lands and mill of Niddrie-Marischal, to be held of his majesty as superior thereof in warrandice and security of the said lands of Cauldcoats, which charter is of the date 29 and 1 May and June respectively 1612, together with the contract of alienation of the same lands, to the which the said charter is relative in the whole heads, articles, clauses, provisions and conditions therein contained. And his majesty and estates foresaid, by the tenor hereof, give their express consent and assent to the confirmation of the said charter of alienation or to whatsoever new gifts and new infeftments of the said lands of Edmonstone and Cauldcoats, with the manor place and pertinents thereof, to be granted by the queen's majesty to the said Master Thomas Hope and his said son, their heirs and assignees, and now as then and then as now approve, allow and confirm the same in the whole clauses, circumstances and conditions thereof, without prejudice always to the said Andrew Edmonstone of that Ilk, his heirs and assignees, of the right [of] redemption of the said lands competent to them by virtue of the reversion or reversions, one or more, made, sealed and subscribed by the said Master Thomas and his said son in their favour after the form and tenor thereof.

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