Annexation of the abbacy of Fearn to the bishopric of Ross

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and perpetually confirm the letters of gift and disposition made and granted by his majesty under his highness's great seal of the date at Greenwich, 1 June instant, whereby his majesty, having due consideration that the rent and patrimony of the bishopric of Ross, being greatly diminished, partly by pensions granted out of the patrimony thereof and partly by setting of feus and tacks within the just value, is now become in that condition as the same is not able to sustain the honourable estate of the present bishop and his successors according to their honourable estate and rank; his majesty, in supplement thereof, has given, granted and conveyed to his trusty and well-beloved councillor Master David Lindsay, present bishop of the said bishopric, and to his successor bishops of Ross, in all time coming all and whole the abbacy and monastery of Fearn, with all and sundry lands, lordships, manor places, woods, mills, multures, fishings, as well superiority as property thereof, teinds and teind sheaves, advocations, donations and right of patronages of kirks, chaplainries, prebendaries and altarages, and with all and sundry feu ferms, fruits, rents, kanes, customs and other duties of the said abbacy of Fearn, wheresoever they lie within this realm, pertaining to our said sovereign lord by virtue of the act of annexation made in [15]87 of the kirk lands to the crown, and by the same gift has dissolved the foresaid abbacy and monastery of Fearn and others thereof above-written from the patrimony of his highness's crown, notwithstanding of the foresaid act, and has united, annexed and incorporated the same to the said bishopric, to remain therewith as a proper part of the patrimony of the same in all time coming, as the said gift and disposition at more length bears, in all and sundry heads, articles, clauses and conditions thereof, with the dissolution and union therein contained after the form and tenor of the said gift in all points, and will and grant that the foresaid gift and this present ratification thereof is and shall be in all time coming as sufficient, valid and effectual in all respects to the said Bishop of Ross and his successors as if the foresaid were at length word by word inserted and engrossed in this present act.

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