Ratification given by the king to the secret council to receive resignations

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify and approve the commission given upon 4 April 1603 by his majesty to the lords of his majesty's secret council to receive resignations of land held of his majesty and give infeftments thereupon, and decree and declare all and whatsoever resignations made since the date of the said commission according thereto in the hands of the lords of his highness's privy council, and all infeftments proceeding thereupon, orderly passed his highness's cachet, registers and ordinary seals, together with all confirmations granted by his majesty's ordinary officers of infeftments of any lands pertaining to his majesty's faithful subjects, which confirmations are likewise lawfully and orderly passed his majesty's cachet and remnant seals and ordinary registers, together with all and sundry infeftments and confirmations to be hereafter passed and complete upon the like resignations in the hands of the lords of his majesty secret council and orderly passed through his majesty's seals and registers, to have been and to be now and in all time coming as lawful, valid and sufficient in judgement and outwith as if the said resignations had been made in his highness's own hands and had been received by his highness, and as if the signatures of the infeftments following thereupon and of the said confirmations had been signed and subscribed with his own royal hand.

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