Act in favour of the University of St Andrews

24. Our sovereign lord, estates and whole body of this present parliament, understanding perfectly by sundry gifts, charters under the great seal and donations made, given and granted by our sovereign lord's most noble progenitors, kings James I, II, III, IV, V and [Mary], our sovereign lord's dearest mother of good memory, and by his majesty's self to and in favour of the University of St Andrews, the rector, doctors, regents, masters, scholars, procurators, beadles, servants, writers, officers and whole representatives of the same making residence within the said university and colleges thereof, that they are privileged, exempt and made free from all tributes, taxations, collections, exactions, impositions and from all warding, stenting and other burdens whatsoever, with express command and charge to all officers to desist and cease from using charges against any of the said persons for the causes foresaid under all highest pain; as likewise that they have their rector and conservator of their privileges appointed for their ordinary judges in all actions which may be intended against any person or persons for payment to be made of the rents, mails, ferms, kanes, customs, duties and others whatsoever pertaining to the patrimony of the said university and whole colleges thereof respectively, whereof they have been in continual and peaceable use and possession according to the said gifts, charters and donations made by our said sovereign lord and his majesty's most noble progenitors to the said university; therefore our said sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify, approve and confirm the foresaid whole gifts, charters and donations with all liberties, privileges, immunities and jurisdiction therein contained after the form and tenor of the said gifts, charters and donations made to the said university of the same in general and particular; and will, decree and ordain that the same shall have full effect and be observed and kept to the said university and whole members thereof, without any hindrance, stop or impediment in all time coming, as likewise that this general ratification and confirmation shall be as valid and sufficient in themselves, as if the said gifts, charters and donations, whole contents and tenors had been particularly inserted and engrossed herein.

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  2. 'dear' written, but scored out. Back