Ratification in favour of Thomas Pearson

23. Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament presently convened, ratify, approve and confirm the charter and infeftment made by his majesty under his highness's great seal of the date at Holyroodhouse, 23 November 1599, to Thomas Pearson of Lochlands, of his lands of Lochlands, with the teind sheaves thereof included and loch belonging thereto, the lands of Barngreen, with the teinds and pertinents thereof, lying within the regality of Arbroath and sheriffdom of Forfar, and of his house and tenement lying within the burgh of Arbroath, in all and sundry heads, points and articles thereof. And our said sovereign lord and estates declare that the said infeftment shall stand as an effectual right and security to the said Thomas, his heirs and assignees for possessing and enjoying of the said lands according to the tenor thereof, and be as valid and sufficient as if the same had been at length word by word engrossed herein, without prejudice always to James [Hamilton], marquis of Hamilton of his erection of the said abbacy of Arbroath in a temporal lordship.

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