Act in favour of James Maxwell and Robert Douglas

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, having considered the good, true and thankful services done and performed to his majesty by his highness's domestic servants James Maxwell, one of the gentlemen ushers, and Robert Douglas, one of the equerries to his highness's dearest son, the prince, and for other grave, weighty and profitable evident causes of this the realm of Scotland concerning the honour, welfare, peace and tranquillity thereof, well advised, tried maturely, considered and approved by his majesty and estates foresaid, and by their decreet of this present parliament have thought fit, concluded, statute and ordained that a charter and infeftment under the great seal in most ample form shall be completed and granted by his highness and officers of state to, and in favour of, the said James Maxwell and Robert Douglas conjointly and equally between them, and to their male heirs and assignees whatsoever heritably, of all and sundry the lands underwritten, of before called the debatable lands, namely: the lands of Tarrasfoot, Mumbyhirst, Broumsheilhill, Watleyhirst, Bankhead, Menmeirburne, Harelaw and Harelaw Wood, Rowanburn, Woodhead, Thorniewhats, Waberhillis, Barresknowis, Woodhouselees, Hoilhous, Torcune, Broumsheilburne, Auchenrivock, lying within the parish of Canonbie, and of the lands of Glunyeart, Morton and Barnegleis, lying within the parish of Morton, with all and sundry the manor places, houses, buildings, yards, orchards, mills, multures, woods, fishings, dovecots, cuningars, tenants, tenancies, service of free tenants, annexes, connexes, parts, pendicles and pertinents of the same whatsoever, all lying within the sheriffdom of Dumfries, and to be united, annexed, erected and incorporated in a whole and free barony to be called in all time coming the barony of Tarras, to be held of our said sovereign lord and his successors in free blench for payment of a pair of gilt spurs in name of blench ferm on the ground of the lands foresaid yearly at the feast of Whitsunday [May/June], if it be asked, only, and the said infeftment to be as largely extended and to contain as ample clauses, liberties and privileges as may be devised by the said James and Robert for their securities relating thereto, and that has been granted in favour of any baron upon whatsoever other barony within this realm.And if either it has or may be tried or estimated that the foresaid lands or any part thereof have been of the annexed property at any time heretofore, our said sovereign lord and estates foresaid have, for the causes and considerations above-written, dissolved and, by this ratification, dissolve the foresaid lands and all their pertinents from the crown and from all annexations thereof, either special or general, to the effect and for granting and expending of the infeftment thereof above-written to and in favour of the said James and Robert and their foresaids and for their greater and more large security of the said lands. And further, our said sovereign lord and estates foresaid, now as if the said infeftment were made and passed and then as now, ratify and approve the same charter and infeftment in all and every head, clause, circumstance and condition thereof, decreeing and ordaining the same, with the precept and sasine to follow thereupon, to be good, valid, effectual and sufficient rights, titles and securities to the said James and Robert and their foresaids, to hold, enjoy, possess and use the forenamed lands and others above-written with all the privileges, liberties and immunities to be contained in the said infeftment, notwithstanding whatsoever law, act, statute and ordinance made, or to be made in the contrary, to which this ratification shall make express derogation.

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