Ratification of the erection of the school of Dunkeld

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, considering that his majesty, upon good and godly respects tending to the public well of this realm, has erected a grammar school within the city of Dunkeld and, for the sustentation of the master and teacher of the youth within the same, his highness has endowed and conveyed certain annualrents and duties specified in the foresaid erection, which erection his majesty, by his highness's charter under the great seal made with advice of his officers of state, has ratified and approved, as in the said erection and charter of ratification at length is contained. And as the said erection was made for good respects to the glory of God and common welfare of the realm, so his majesty and estates foresaid are in no way willing that his highness's godly deed shall be altered or diminished in any manner of way in time coming, therefore our said sovereign lord and estates foresaid have ratified and approved and, by the tenor hereof, ratify and approve the foresaid erection and his highness's confirmation thereof above-specified, in all and sundry the heads, clauses, articles and circumstances thereof therein mentioned, after the form and tenor of the same in all points; and his majesty and estates foresaid will, grant and declare that the erection and gift above-specified is and shall be a sufficient right to the masters of the foresaid grammar school present and to come for receiving and uplifting of the rents and duties endowed thereto, according to the tenor of the said erection in all points, notwithstanding whatsoever act or statute made in the contrary, declaring all acts and statutes made to the hurt and prejudice of the yearly rent endowed to the sustentation of the said grammar school in that point thereof to be null.

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