Act in favour of Sir John Moncreiffe [of Kinninmonth]

Our sovereign lord, with advice of the estates of this present parliament, ratifies and approves that gift and letter of pension given by his highness, with advice of his grace's controller, to Sir John Moncreiffe, now of Kinninmonth, knight, of the sum of 300 merks during all the days of his lifetime, with the assignation therein contained, as the letter and gift made and granted to the said Sir John, then styled Master John Moncreiffe of Easter Moncreiffe, of the date at Perth, 6 August 1601, at more length bears, which is held as engrossed and inserted herein word by word, to be paid by him as is contained in the said former gift and letter of pension made to him relating thereto; decreeing and ordaining the same to stand in full strength and effect to him, notwithstanding of whatsoever act, statute, constitution or law made, or to be made, in the contrary hereof, or that may derogate the same in any time hereafter.

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  2. 'P 50' written in margin beside heading. Back