Act in favour of the burgh of Perth

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, having consideration of the antiquity of the burgh of Perth, decay of their bridge and good service done by them and their predecessors to his majesty and his predecessors, his majesty gave a new infeftment to the said burgh of Perth, containing the confirmation of the old infeftments of the said burgh with novodamus and diverse privileges, as the same under the testimonial of the great seal, of the date at Holyroodhouse, 14 November 1600, more fully purports; as likewise [Anne], the queen's majesty, with advice of his highness, has given and conveyed to the said burgh the mansion and house lying within the said burgh sometime pertaining to the parson of Perth, together with the right of patronage of the parsonage and vicarage of Perth for maintenance and sustentation of the ministry serving the cure within the said burgh, as the said gift and disposition of the date at London, in the palace of Whitehall, 20 November 1604, at length purports; and there being diverse controversies and debates fallen out between the said burgh of Perth and Dundee, his majesty being careful to take away the said controversies after that the same were submitted to his majesty and lords of session by the said burghs, our said sovereign lord and lords of session, by decreet arbitral, finished and took away the said controversies and decided the same to the great ease and contentment of the inhabitants of the said burghs, and now for the help and support of the said burgh of Perth and that the foresaid rights and securities made to them may be the more effectual and valid in all time coming, and that they may hold enjoy and possess the same whole dispositions and privileges therein contained without any stop or impediment to be made to them at any time hereafter, has ratified and approved and, by this act, ratifies and approves the foresaid infeftment, disposition and decreet arbitral in the whole heads, points, clauses and conditions therein mentioned; and decrees and declares the same to stand in all time coming as valid and sufficient rights to the said burgh.

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