Procedure: protest
Protestation made by [Robert Ker], lord Roxburghe

The which day, in presence of the said [John Graham], earl of Montrose, great commissioner, and whole estates of parliament, Robert, lord Roxburghe, being personally present, protested that the gracious restitution granted by his majesty in favour of James Douglas of Spott and his heirs against his forfeiture, which proceeded for the same crimes committed by Francis [Stewart], sometime earl of Bothwell, for the which his forfeiture also was orderly led and deduced, shall in no way work any derogation or prejudice to the forfeiture led against the said earl, but the same to stand effectual according to the sentence pronounced thereupon and the acts made regarding the inability of his bairns and right, so that the same shall be in no way prejudicial to whatsoever rights or dispositions granted to Robert, lord Roxburghe, William [Kerr], commendator of Kelso, his son, of the right of spirituality or temporality of the abbacy of Kelso or whatsoever other rights acquired by them, or either of them, of any lands, rooms or possessions sometime pertaining to the said Francis, sometime earl of Bothwell and his bairns, but the same to be peaceably possessed by them according to their rights and securities made to them thereupon.

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