Commission regarding the ranking of the noblemen

The king's majesty and estates in parliament, considering the frequent contentions and debates that fall out between noblemen at the parliaments and general conventions regarding the priority in places and voting, for removing of all such occasions of controversies and disagreements hereafter, have given and granted commission to the lords of his highness's secret council, there being present for the time six of their number who are earls and lords, to convene in Holyroodhouse, 12 February next, and there to determine and conclude regarding the priority of the place of every nobleman within this realm. And in case of the compearance of any noblemen or any in their name to produce their infeftment and evidents for instructing of the said commissioners, that they shall receive the same and hear the allegations of all parties compearing, and give forth their determination according to justice as they will answer to God and his majesty upon the discharge of their offices. And whatever be determined by them it is declared that the same shall have as great strength, faith, force and effect as if it were concluded in this present parliament. And therefore it is appointed, to the effect that none of the said nobility shall think themselves hereby prejudiced by the ignorance of this present commission, that this commission be duly published at the head market crosses of this realm and other places needful that between now and the said day appointed in the said commission they may either by themselves or others in their names produce such testificates of their antiquities as may inform the said commissioners; with certification that after the expiring of the said day the said commissioners, notwithstanding of their absence, shall proceed and give forth their declarator as well regarding the presents as absents under the penalty above-specified.

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