All charges of horning against persons dwelling to the north of Dee to be directed upon 15 days at the least

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament, considering how that his majesty's subjects inhabiting the north part of this realm are often drawn in great inconveniences by sundry charges directed against them, sometime for finding of labourers or compearing before his majesty and his council upon a simple charge of six days, so that by the shortness of time and impossibility to them to satisfy the said charges within six days in respect of the far distance of the place of their residence from the burgh of Edinburgh they are often put under the danger of horning, whereas if they had convenient time granted to them there would not be such disobedience of such great numbers of his majesty's subjects; for remedy whereof, it is statute and ordained that no letters of horning shall be directed against any persons dwelling to the north of the water of Dee upon a shorter space than 15 days at any time hereafter, and the hornings to be used against any of the said persons upon a shorter space than 15 days shall be null and of no value.

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