Act regarding the keeping of pledges

Forasmuch as in time bygone the only means for quieting of the borders was entry of pledges and the keeping of them in surety, that in case any criminal act or wrong was committed by any of the gang or surname for the which they were entered pledges then justice should be executed against the said pledges with all rigour; and because heretofore a great number of the nobility and barons, being burdened for keeping in surety some of the said pledges, have made their excuse of the danger and inconvenience that might occur to them in case of the escape of any of the said pledges delivered to them in keeping, which being easy to be prevented by the more imprisonment of them, our sovereign lord and estates of parliament find that none of the nobility and barons being burdened to receive any of the said pledges shall refuse to accept them upon excuse of any inconvenience whatsoever that may ensue but shall receive them and keep and detain them until the said pledges be suited to be redelivered by them and shall be answerable for them that they shall in no way escape, each pledge under the pain of £2,000.

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