The pain of forbidden and uncustomed goods

Our sovereign lord, with consent of the estates of this present parliament, statutes and ordains that no person nor persons take upon hand in time coming to transport out of this realm or bring in within the same any forbidden or uncustomed goods under the pain of loss of all their moveable goods that shall happen to come in the contrary hereof; that is to say, the said forbidden and uncustomed goods that shall happen to be taken and apprehended to appertain as escheat to our sovereign lord and to be intromitted with and taken up by his highness's comptroller and account thereof to be made by him in the exchequer, and the remainder of the moveable goods and gear pertaining to the contraveners of this present act to be escheat for their contempt by our sovereign lord's treasurer, for the which he shall be likewise obliged to make account in all time coming; and discharge all licences already granted to that effect and that no licence pass hereafter unless the same be passed in council and pass the whole seals and pay composition to his highness, and ordain letters to be directed hereupon as appropriate.

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