Act regarding salting and transporting of herring

The king's majesty, with advice of the estates of this present parliament, statutes and ordains that no person nor persons, as well strangers as native born subjects of this realm, take upon hand to buy, pack, peel, salt, barrel or yet transport out of this realm any herring in small or great quantity at any time before Michaelmas [29 September] yearly, but to suffer the same to be brought to public markets and there sold to all his highness's lieges upon reasonable prices without attempting anything in contrary thereof, under the pain of confiscation of the same herring, barrels, ships and vessels and of all the rest of the moveable goods of the contraveners hereof in any point, the third part of the same to the apprehender and the rest to his majesty's use, to be intromitted with by his highness's comptroller and such as he shall give power and commission to that effect; and statutes and ordains that no licences be granted hereafter for packing, peeling, salting and transporting of herring before the time foresaid unless the same licences be granted with consent of the council sitting in council; and after the granting of the said licences ordains the same to pass the signet and whole seals, otherwise declares the same licences to be null and of no value.

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