Act regarding provision of armour

Forasmuch as after the proposition made by the king's majesty to his nobility, council and estates presently convened, how that it is most necessary and expedient, for the honour and estimation of the country, surety of his majesty's estate and prosecuting of the challenge of his birthright when due occasion thereto be offered, that all his majesty's subjects of all degrees and ranks shall be well and sufficiently provided and furnished with harness and armour according to his highness's laws and proclamations made relating thereto, the commissioners of Edinburgh, Dundee and St Andrews, being personally present, promised and took upon them in presence of his highness and his estates that all and sundry burgesses, inhabitants within the said three burghs, shall be provided, furnished and armed well and sufficiently in all necessaries according to the tenor of the acts and proclamations made and published relating thereto of before, within the space of one year next after the date hereof.

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