Procedure: promise to the king
The comptroller's promise regarding the maintenance of their majesties' houses

The which day Sir George Home of Wedderburn, knight, comptroller, promised and took upon him to furnish their majesties' houses and the whole ordinary burdens of his office honourably upon the rents of the offices which he has presently, and that before any payment of any debts owing by his majesty to any person for any cause whatsoever preceding, and that the king's majesty should not be mistaken in the premises; concerning which, he shall be answerable to the king's majesty and estates and accountable in his highness's exchequer according to custom. And over and above the premises, the said comptroller shall make sufficient assignation of £10,000 for maintenance of the prince's and princess's houses, and likewise shall make sufficient assignation yearly of £25,000 to be paid to Thomas Foulis and Robert Jossie, their cautioners and creditors, and this act to have effect and begin 1 November next to come. It is thus subscribed, George Home.

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