Prison houses should be built within all burghs

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, understanding that through want of sufficient and sure prisons, jails and ward-houses sundry rebels and transgressors of the laws, as well criminal as civil, escape unpunished and justice contemned. For remedy whereof, our sovereign lord and estates have statute and ordained that within the space of three years in all burghs within this realm there be sufficient and sure jails and ward-houses built, upheld and maintained by the provost, bailies, council and communities of the said burghs upon their own common good or otherwise upon the charges of the burgh. And that for sure [imprisoning], warding and detaining and also keeping of all such persons, transgressors of his highness's laws, upon their own expenses, as well as criminal as civil, [as] shall be presented to them by the sheriff of the shire to stewarts and bailies of regalities within which the said burghs are situated and specially where their judicatory sits; and also all other persons presented either to ward by virtue of their own authority within burghs or otherwise upon letters of caption directed to them.

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