Letters of horning, inhibitions, interdictions, [executions] and publication thereof against persons dwelling within bailiaries should be registered in the bailies' books

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament statute and ordain that all letters of horning, relaxations, inhibitions, interdictions and publications thereof and others of the same sort that shall at any time hereafter be raised and executed against whatsoever person within this realm dwelling within the bailiaries or stewartries, as well as of royalty as regality, be executed at the market cross of the head burgh and town of the said bailiaries and stewartries within which the said persons dwells; and also that the said letters be registered in the said stewarts and bailies' books, which registration shall be as lawful in [all] time coming as if the same had been registered in the sheriffs' books, and that all executions and registrations that shall happen hereafter to be otherwise executed and registered shall be null and of no value with all that has followed thereupon; and ordains all the general clauses and provisions inserted and mentioned in the acts of parliament made of before regarding registration of hornings in the sheriffs' books to be held and expressed and repeated in this present ordinance and constitution.

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