All cockets should be special and contain the particular kinds of merchandise

Item, it is statute and ordained for eschewing of the damage and harm which daily arises through general and informal cockets given and granted to this realm, that in all times coming all clerks of the cocket shall particularly express and specify in the cockets given by them the particular quantity of the goods and merchandise, the special kinds and sorts thereof, the names of the merchants and owners of the same, how much of the same goods pertains to each merchant and that the conservator in the low countries admit nor allow any cocket unless it be written and formed in manner foresaid, but shall confiscate all the said goods not expressed particularly as said is, and make account and reckoning thereof yearly to the treasurer as he will answer upon his office.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.68v. Back
  2. APS changes this to '[within]'. Back