The pain of bearers, users or shooters [with pistols], culverins, handguns or engines of fire work

Our sovereign lord ratifies and approves the acts of parliament made of before by his highness, with consent of the three estates, in the month of December 1567 regarding shooting and bearing of culverins and other engines of fire work, and ordains the same to be put to execution with all rigour and the contraveners thereof to be punished according to the pains contained therein, and moreover by confiscation of all their goods moveable, so that the one pain shall not stop nor stay the other unless it be otherwise thought expedient by his highness, the one half thereof to appertain to the apprehender for his travails and labours and the other half to be applied to our sovereign lord's use; and for execution thereof, makes and constitutes each sheriff, stewart, bailie, baron and provosts, aldermen and bailies within burgh his majesty's justices in that part, every one within their freedoms and jurisdictions, with power to them to search, seek, take and apprehend the offenders and contraveners and put them to an assize; and being convicted, to put them in ward until the pain foresaid be paid and until they find such surety to forbear in time coming. And this act to serve for a sufficient commission to the effect foresaid.

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