Ministers and possessors of benefices shall give up the rental of the temporality

It is statute and ordained that all ministers that shall happen to receive any assignations for their stipends out of the fruits and rents of any benefice within this realm shall at the time of the receiving of their assignations and raising of letters according thereto declare and give up particularly to the clerk, director and subscriber of the said letters how much they or each one of them has of the temporality given and conveyed to them in their several assignations; the which clerk shall be held and obliged to give and deliver the same to the clerk of the treasurer of augmentations to be inserted and remain in registry in all [time] coming. And moreover all and sundry prelates and other possessors of all benefices which are at his highness's gift or disposition shall likewise give up to the clerk foresaid a sufficient inventory according to the first assumption of the thirds of all rents, profits and duties of the two part of the said benefices and how much thereof is set in feu ferm or in feu ferms, with certification to them and every one of them if they fail, or if they shall happen to omit any of the rents, fruits foresaid or give up a rental which is not just and lawful, in that case their benefices shall become vacant in his highness's hands as if they were naturally dead, so that his highness may convey thereupon and intromit with the profits of the same at his pleasure.

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