Act discharging the transporting of great charcoal etc.

Forasmuch as it is understood to the king's majesty, his nobility, council and estates presently convened that the great charcoal is commonly transported out of this realm, not only by his highness's own subjects but by strangers who at all times load their ships and other vessels therewith, and transports the same at their pleasure, using the same as a common trade, altogether without his majesty's licence or permission, to the great hurt of the commonwealth and expressly against his highness's laws, acts of parliament and sundry proclamations made in the contrary. For remedy whereof in time coming, his majesty, with advice of his said nobility, council and estates foresaid, ordains letters to be directed charging officers of arms to pass, command and charge all and sundry persons, as well as strangers as others born subjects of this realm, by open proclamation at the market crosses of the head burghs of the same, that none of them take upon hand to transport any great charcoal out of this realm at any time hereafter, nor yet load their ships, crayers or other vessels therewith to be transported as said is, under the pain of confiscation of the same coal, crayers, ships and other vessels to his majesty's use. Certifying them if they do in the contrary, that the same coal, ships, crayers and vessels shall be confiscated and intromitted with all rigour and extremity in example of others; and, to this effect, to command and charge the provosts and bailies of the said burghs, customs officers and searchers whatsoever to search, seek, take and apprehend all and sundry persons, contraveners hereof, keep and cause retain their persons in ward within their tolbooths, fence and arrest their ships, crayers and vessels, take the sails from the mast and keep them under arrestment at his majesty's instance, through which they depart not, notifying their names to his highness that his majesty may give further direction towards them as appertains as the said provosts, bailies, customs officers and searchers will answer to his highness upon their office and obedience.

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