Proclamation: the court of session to sit in Perth
Proclamation of the session to sit at Perth

Forasmuch as the king's majesty, his nobility and council presently convened have now thought fit, concluded and resolved that the lords and senators of the college of justice, who, by reason of the late treasonable uproar and insurrection made against his highness, his trusty councillors and good subjects within the burgh of Edinburgh upon 17 December last, were discharged to sit within the same burgh, shall now convene and sit within the burgh of Perth upon 1 February next to come, and there proceed and administer justice to all his highness's subjects at the ordinary and accustomed times prescribed of old to the same effect; and likewise that the justice general, his deputes and officers shall make his and their residence therein and proceed and administer justice in all criminal causes according to the law, and that all criminal diets shall be appointed to be held within the tolbooth of the said burgh of Perth in time coming; and in like manner that the commissioners of Edinburgh shall sit and remain within the burgh of the same and proceed and administer justice after the date hereof in all causes intended or to be intended before them. And therefore his majesty, with advice of the said lords, ordains letters to be directed charging officers of arms, sheriffs in that part, to pass and make publication and intimation of the premises to all and sundry his highness's lieges by open proclamation at the market crosses of the head burghs of this realm and all other places needful, through which none pretend ignorance of the same; as also to command and charge the said lords and senators of the college of justice, advocates, scribes, macers and all other officers and members of the same college, and likewise the said justice general, his deputes, clerks and officers and all others his majesty's lieges having interest or that has to pursue or defend in any causes before the said judges, to repair to the said burgh of Perth upon the said 1 February next to come, to do and perform all things which to every one of them in their several offices, places and rooms properly appertains, with intimation as appropriate.

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