Legislation: private act
Ratification in favour of the tenants of Auchtermuchty

The king's majesty, with advice of his council and estates presently convened, ratifies, approves and confirms the act of council passed upon 1 October 1589 liberating the tenants of his majesty's proper lands of Auchtermuchty, Newton of Falkland, Freuchie, Easter Cash, Kettle, Kingsbarns and others, his highness's lands of the lordship and stewartry of Fife, their heirs and successors, from all payment of any taxations imposed or to be imposed upon them, and from all contributing with any other estate of this realm in any taxations imposed or to be imposed upon them, in all and sundry points, clauses and articles contained therein, after the form and tenor thereof. And to the effect the said act, with this ratification thereof, may be the more effectual, his highness, with advice of his said council and estates, ordains letters to be directed to officers of arms, sheriffs in that part, to pass and discharge all sheriffs, stewarts and officers of arms whatsoever of all using or executing of any letters against the said tenants for any tax imposed or that shall be imposed upon them at any time hereafter and of their offices in that part. In addition, his majesty promises in the word of a prince to cause this act to be ratified in his next parliament.

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