Proclamation: to be in readiness for pursuit of the rebels
Proclamation to be in readiness

Forasmuch as it is thought expedient by the king's majesty and his estates and council present, in respect of the approaching of his parliament and other necessary occasions, that his army appointed to convene at the burgh of Dundee upon 29 April instant shall be adjourned, therefore ordain letters to be directed to make publication hereof to all and sundry his majesty's lieges by open proclamation at the market crosses of the head burghs of the sheriffdoms subject to this present raid, through which none pretend ignorance of the same; and to command and charge all and sundry earls, lords, barons, feuars, freeholders and landed gentlemen, together with the inhabitants of burghs within the whole bounds of this realm, to prepare themselves and be in full readiness to repair to his majesty to such parts and places and with so much days' victuals and provision as they shall be advertised by new proclamation upon six days' warning, for pursuit of whatsoever persons his majesty's traitors and rebels, under the pain of loss of life, lands and goods.

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