Exceptions from the general act of dissolution

The king's majesty and estates of this present parliament ordain the general act of dissolution made in this present parliament of the property of the crown to be extended, likewise they extend the same in favour of the queen's majesty to the effect his highness may have such rights and infeftments of whatsoever lands pertaining to her as she had before; as also in favour of [Patrick Drummond], lord Drummond regarding the forest of Glen Artney and of Sir John Murray of Tullibardine, knight, concerning the lands and lordship of Balquhidder; and also in favour of Andrew Wood of Largo touching the lands of Schirmure, Largo, Bawicky, King's Mill, with their pertinents, coals and coal-works of the same lands, to the effect the same may be set in feu to them by his majesty, with advice of the persons specified in the said act of dissolution, in manner as the same were possessed by them of before.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.58v. Back
  2. A draft of this act, with minor amendments, is pinned to the unfoliated page following f.58. See Additional Sources. Back
  3. 'act' is written in the margin preceding this act. It may be 'act' to differentiate it from those things which immediately precede it, since they all come under the heading 'Ratifications'. Back