Ratification to [Alexander Hay of Easter Kennet], clerk register, of the chaplains' chambers of Aberdeen

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament ratify and approve and for his majesty and his successors perpetually confirm the gift and disposition made by his highness to Alexander Hay, then director of the chancellery and now clerk register, of the annualrents, ferms, feu duties and others which sometime pertained in common to the chaplains and vicars of the cathedral kirk of Aberdeen, to be collected out of certain lands, buildings, waters and possessions within and about the burgh of Aberdeen, as in the said charter containing the whole annualrents, sums and duties in particular of the date 10 February 1574 [1575] at more length is contained; and decree and declare the same heritable gift and disposition of the same annualrents to be a perpetual right to the said Alexander, his heirs and assignees for possession of the same, and ordain the said gift and disposition to stand in the own full strength, force and effect in all time coming.

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