Ratification to Master Henry Keir [of Greenland]

Our sovereign lord, having consideration of the faithful service done by Master Henry Keir of Greenland, his domestic servant, not only to himself but also to the queen, his majesty's late dearest mother, having continued long in her service as one of her secretaries with small commodity, as yet, albeit he had his majesty's promise of recompense, and specially when the said Master Henry at his majesty's desire renounced and gave over the lands of Helderhaill, being 10 or 12 chalders of victual by year in heritage upon assured promise of a just recompense; for acknowledging of a part thereof, his majesty, with advice of the estates of this parliament, has ratified, approved and confirmed a yearly pension of 2 chalders of victual, half malt and half meal, conveyed to the said Master Henry and to George Keir, younger, his son, during their lifetimes by Master William Erskine, now archbishop of Glasgow, with consent of his majesty, and of his trusty cousin Ludovic [Stewart], duke of Lennox, to be uplifted out of the readiest of the fruits, profits and emoluments of the said bishopric, as at more length is contained in the said gift, in all points, articles and clauses of the same; and wills and declares that the said gift and disposition shall stand for a perpetual security to the said Master Henry and his son during their lifetime and the longest liver of the two, and that without any impediment of any taxation, composition or contributions to be paid by them for the same, or yet subject to any reduction in case the pensions of the said archbishopric be in any way quarrelled for dilapidation of the fruits of the same or disposition of more than the third thereof in pension; and notwithstanding of the act of annexation, ordaining no part of the temporal lands to be conveyed except in augmentation of the rental, and of all other acts of annexation and ratification made or to be made contrary thereto, with the which whole his majesty dispenses relating thereto; and declares that the said gift and pension shall be in no way subject thereto no more than that the said gift of pension had been specially contained and reserved therein, renouncing all action and instance that his majesty has or may have for questioning and quarrelling of any part of the said pension or validity thereof; and discharges his majesty's treasurer, collector, comptroller and advocate of all pursuing, molesting or troubling of the said Master Henry and his son in the peaceable possession of the same pension during their lifetimes.

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