Act in favour of the feuars of the king's property in Fife

Our sovereign lord, with advice of his estates, ordains and declares that all his feuars, tenants and possessors of his own proper lands within the lordship, stewartry and sheriffdom of Fife, in respect they pay great mails, ferms and duties to his majesty, and never have been in use of payment of any taxation or impost raised by his highness or his predecessors in times bypast, but ever have been freed and free thereof, therefore our said sovereign lord, with advice of the estates of this present parliament, decrees and ordains the said feuars, farmers and tenants, their heirs and successors within the said lordship, stewartry and sheriffdom in all time to come and when it shall happen our said sovereign lord and his successors to raise or lift any taxation within this realm, this present act and ordinance of parliament to be a sufficient discharge to the said feuars and tenants of the same; and exonerates and discharges them of all taxation by this act bygone and to come, and all sheriffs, stewarts and officers of further troubling of them for the same and of their offices in that part.

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