Act in favour of [James Stewart], earl of Moray

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, considering that from time to time they have been granted a supersedere from translation and execution of a decreet of warrandice given at the instance of Sir John Wishart of Pittarrow, knight, upon the lands of Strathdee and Braemar, sold and alienated by the late James [Stewart], earl of Moray, regent to the said Sir John, his heirs and assignees, by reason of the said earl's minority, and that the evidents competent for his defences were burnt in the place of Donibristle the time of the murder of his late father, by whose decease and sudden away-taking there was great and exorbitant debts contracted wherein he is involved, and the most part of his evidents abstracted and taken away at the taking of the places of Darnaway in Moray and castle of Doune in Menteith; and considering likewise that through the contention between the Earl of Atholl and Henry [Stewart], commendator of Inchcolm, either of them claiming to be tutor to him, his living and rents are so troubled and burdened that he cannot defend the said action, being so weighty that the same is able to comprise a great part of his heritage; therefore our said sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament have superseded and supersede all process to be led and prosecuted in the foresaid action of translation and all execution of the said decreet of warrandice of the forenamed lands of Strathdee and Braemar at the instance of [...] Wishart, now of Pittarrow or any others for the space of two years next to come after the date hereof.

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