Act in favour of [George Keith], earl Marischal regarding the harbour of Peterhead

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, remembering that the town and harbour of Peterhead was erected in a burgh in barony by our said sovereign lord, and understanding perfectly that the same has been in all times bygone a very commodious receipt for ships and boats of all the lieges of this realm and strangers repairing thereto, upon apparelling of the which harbour, George, earl Marischal, proprietor thereof, has bestowed large expenses and yet the same will have need of much more before the said harbour may be brought to perfection; therefore our said sovereign lord and his said estates of parliament have given and granted to the said George, earl Marischal, an impost of 20d for every last of goods coming in at the said port, and going out of the same, accounting 20 bolls of victual to the last, and so forth in other goods according to the weight and quantity thereof; and the said impost to endure for the space of five years next after the date hereof, and with power to the said George, earl Marischal, his servants and factors in his name, to arrest, poind and distrenzie thereof during the space foresaid.

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