Ratification to [George Keith], earl Marischal regarding the college in Aberdeen

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, understanding that George, earl Marischal, lord Keith etc. has lately founded and erected a college within the burgh of New Aberdeen and endowed the same with diverse rents and patrimony of his own proper lands, for advancing of the which also the provost, bailies, council and community of the said burgh has given to the said earl the place, kirk, close and yard which appertained sometime to the greyfriars of Aberdeen to be annexed to the said college, as at more length in the letters of foundation and erection of the said college is contained; therefore his highness and estates foresaid ratify, approve and confirm the said foundation and erection which is of the date the [...] day of April 1593, with all the clauses, articles, heads and conditions therein contained, and further gives and conveys thereto all freedoms, franchises, liberties, free privileges and jurisdiction that to a free college within this realm by law and practice is known to appertain, providing always that the masters, members, students, bursars and whole inhabitants of the said college is and shall be in all times hereafter subject to the jurisdiction of the provost, bailies and council of the said burgh of Aberdeen in all things to be done or committed by them outwith the walls of the said college and within the territories or freedom of the said burgh.

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