Commission regarding the coin

The king's majesty and estates of this present parliament give and grant full power and commission to Sir Thomas Lyon of Auldbar, knight, treasurer to our sovereign lord, Walter [Stewart], commendator of Blantyre, lord privy seal, Edward [Bruce], commendator of Kinloss, Master Robert Douglas, provost of Lincluden, collector general, Master John Lindsay, parson of Menmuir, Sir Patrick Vans of Barnbarroch, knight, Alexander Hay of Easter Kennet, clerk register, Master David MacGill of Cranstoun-Riddel, advocate to our sovereign lord, Master David Carnegie of Colluthie [and Kinnaird], John Arnott [of Birswick] and Henry Nisbet, burgesses of Edinburgh, or any seven of them jointly (my lord treasurer or his depute being always one of the said seven), to meet and convene together when and where his highness shall give direction, and there to consult, treat and conclude regarding the matter of the coin presently current within this realm. With power to them, after due consultation, if they find the same reasonable and expedient for his majesty's profit and common benefit and utility of the whole country, to resolve and conclude regarding the reformation of the said coin in a better estate and condition. And for this effect, to make proclamations in his highness's name and authority for collection thereof to the mint-house, that the same may be broken and command given to the members of the mint-house for striking and making of new coin of better form and value as shall be found fittest by the said commissioners, whose conclusion and proceedings relating thereto, our sovereign lord and estates foresaid ratify and approve likewise and in the same manner as if the same were done and concluded in this present parliament.

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