Act of the new gift of Dunfermline with the monks' portions to the queen's majesty

Item, our sovereign lord, with consent of his said estates, having consideration that his highness being in Oslo in Norway on 24 November the year of God 1589, for diverse occasions moving him, gave and conveyed to his dearest spouse Anne, queen of Scots all and whole the lordship, baronies of Dunfermline, with all lands, towns, manor place, mills, multures thereof lying on the north side of the water of Forth, to be held and possessed by her for all the days of her lifetime, as at more length is contained in the said gift of the date foresaid; and now willing that his said dearest spouse shall hold and enjoy the said gift for all the days of her lifetime according to the tenor thereof, and to the promise made by him and by his said estates to his dearest brother Christian IV of that name, king of Denmark, therefore our sovereign lord, with consent foresaid, confirms, ratifies and approves the said gift, charter and sasine following thereupon and all and sundry heads and articles contained therein, and promises faithfully to observe, keep and fulfil and cause the same be kept, observed and fulfilled. Moreover, for the causes foresaid, our sovereign lord, with consent of the said estates, gives and conveys of new to his said dearest spouse all and whole the said lordship of Dunfermline lying as said is, with all lands, baronies, places, houses, buildings, castles, towers, fortalices, manor places, yards, orchards, mills, woods, fishings, kirks, teinds great and small, fruits, rents, emoluments pertaining thereto, with power and jurisdiction of regality of the same, for all the years and terms of her lifetime, and likewise with all monks' portions pertaining to the said abbey, to be held by her enduring the said time, and to be peaceably intromitted with by her factors and chamberlains in her name as freely as our sovereign lord may hold and possess the same by reason of the annexation foresaid, or as any abbot or commendator has held or possessed the same in any time bygone; and to that effect our sovereign lord, with consent foresaid, makes void, retreats, rescinds and annuls all and sundry gifts and dispositions of monks' portions pertaining to the said abbacy made and given by his highness to whatsoever person or persons for whatsoever cause or occasion before the day and date of this present act of constitution.

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