Act for mending of the calsay of the Canongate and outwith the water gate

Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, understanding how necessary and expedient it shall be, as well as for the decoration of the policy within this realm as for the benefit of his highness's lieges, to repair, beat and mend the calsay between his majesty's palace gate of Holyroodhouse and the Nether Bow of Edinburgh, with the entrance and passages whereby it is repaired to and from the said palace, and specially between the Clockmill and the water gate, and from there to Leith Wynd foot; and his majesty and estates foresaid, knowing no readier means and way to sustain the expenses of the said reparation and less hurtful to the lieges than to exact the custom and impost underwritten, as has been observed and used by his grace's most [noble] predecessors when the like occasion was offered, therefore our said sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament give, grant and commit full power and commission to the bailies and council of the Canongate present and being for the time, by themselves and their deputes, one or more, under them, whom his majesty and estates give them full power to make and create, to collect, ingather, intromit with and uptake 2d usual money of this realm of every full cart, with 1d of every horse load that shall come within the said water gate to be sold in the market, and, if need be, to poind and distrenzie for that, making, constituting and ordaining the said bailies and council present and being for the time and their deputes, one or more, undoubted and irrevocable collectors of the same for the space of three years next after their entry thereto, which shall be and begin at the day and date of this act and further to continue during his majesty's will, providing always the said bailies and council present and being for the time as said is before the expiring of the said years beat, mend and repair the said passages within the bounds foresaid, with sufficient calsays duly as appropriate.

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