Ratification to Master George Todd

Our sovereign lord, with advice of the estates of this present parliament, ratifies, approves and confirms his highness's letter of gift made and granted to Master George Todd, one of the collector deputes, of his yearly fee and pension given to him for his service, with assignation thereof, out of the kirks of Deerness and Shapinsay, assumed in the third of the bishopric of Orkney, as his majesty's letter made to him thereupon at more length bears, with all points, articles and clauses contained therein, decreeing, declaring and ordaining that the said Master George shall hold, enjoy and possess his said salary and pension during his said lifetime according to his said gift, decreet and letters passed thereupon, notwithstanding any acts, letters, constitutions or ordinances made in the contrary, or that in any way may prejudice the said Master George of his said fee and pension; concerning which his highness, with advice foresaid, dispenses by this present act.

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