Ratification to Robert Stewart

Our sovereign lord, with advice of the estates of this present parliament, ratifies and approves the gift of pension made and granted by the late Esme [Stewart], duke of Lennox, earl of Darnley, lord Tarbolton etc., to Robert Stewart, son to the late Captain James Stewart, for all the days of his lifetime, of 27 bolls of meal and a chalder of barley yearly to be uplifted out of the readiest of the fruits of Arbroath; and which gift and pension our said sovereign lord has of new, since his perfect age of 25 years complete, given, granted and conveyed to the said Robert and Marion Montgomery, his spouse, enduring all the days of their lifetimes in all and sundry points, heads, articles and clauses thereof according to the tenors of the same; of the which pension he is in possession and has the same by consent of John [Hamilton], lord Hamilton, abbot of Arbroath.

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