Procedure: protest; asking of instruments
Protestation for [Peter Rollock], bishop of Dunkeld

The which day, in presence of our sovereign lord and his estates of parliament, compeared personally Peter, bishop of Dunkeld, and protested that the act of parliament passed this present day regarding the ratification of the pension granted by his highness to John Murray, son lawful to the late Patrick Murray of Tibbermuir, and James Murray, his son, of the feu mails and duties of the lands of Meikle and Little Tulnemlwm, sometime pertaining to the friars Carmelites of Perth, and of the feu mails and duties of diverse other lands specified in the said ratification should not be hurtful or prejudicial to the said bishop, but that he might be heard to propose his reasons and defences against the same time and place convenient; and thereupon asked act and instruments.

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