Ratification to Thomas Erskine of Gogar and his brothers

Our sovereign lord and estates of parliament have ratified and approved and, by this ratification, our said sovereign lord, for his highness and his successors, ratify, approve and perpetually confirm the pension and letters of gift granted by our said sovereign lord to his highness's beloved servant Thomas Erskine of Gogar, eldest lawful son to the late Alexander Erskine of Gogar, and to Master George, James, and Archibald Erskine, also his lawful sons, proportionally amongst them, as is contained in the said gift, of all and whole the yearly pension of money and victual therein contained, which gift is under the privy seal of the date 6 September 1591, in all and sundry points, articles and clauses thereof; and decree and declare that this present ratification of the said gift in this general form shall be as sufficient as if the said letter of gift were inserted in this ratification. And further our said sovereign lord, with advice of his said estates, for his heirs and his successors, declares and decrees that the said letter of gift shall be a full right to the said Thomas, Master George, James and Archibald Erskine, and every one of them, for possessing of the said pensions proportionally in manner and form specified in the said gift during their said lifetimes, notwithstanding of any of his highness's revocations, either in general or in special, from the which, and every one of them, our said sovereign lord and his said estates has declared and declare the said gift shall be excepted, as also notwithstanding of the act of revocation made in the month of February 1580 [1581], to the which this ratification shall make express derogation.

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